Prototype shortfilms


Being a professional photographer and filmmaker one of my expertises is producing films and photos, this has shown to be great asset for the prototype processes to visualise design and ideas. In making prototype films I manage the hole process including: storyboards, directing, filming, photographing, editing and sound. Here is examples of my work, often put together quickly not perfectly in order to efficiently show ideas for potential solutions



This video was one of the deliverables for a Service Design assignment concerning pregnancy care. The assignment given to us by Region Skåne during the Service Design course in the Interaction Design program at Malmö University asks us to investigate aspects surrounding the last period of the pregnancy to the return home after delivery. The goal of this project was to find a solution to make the transition from the Maternal Health Center (MVC) to the delivery room and maternity ward (BB) and then back home with a contact with Baby Health Center (BVC) feel more unified and safe for parents.



In this video we worked with glanceability, and how different types of user interfaces can be of great importance and help, without us really reflecting on them. ReMinder has a simple function and minimal interface that is reminding us of things left behind or forgotten.



How about shaping sound with sand? This prototype-film shows possibilities of using zen sand with sensors that can detect alterations of shape and reflect them back to our artefact, that in turn shapes the sound accordingly.


Best Car-key Ever

We were asked to come up with an innovative solution for car-keys, and I came up with an idea that maybe is not possible to realise with todays technology, but who knows what the future brings?