Who is Martin Lindeborg?

I am a ‘Ölänning’ living in Malmö together with my partner and our two children. In June 2019 I graduated from the bachelor Interaction Design program at Malmö University with the highest possible grade for my final thesis and is now working for Phase One in Copenhagen. Besides being a UX-designer and researcher I am also running my own company as a photographer at www.martinlindeborg.com, and has done so since 2002.

Moving on from photography to UX Design, how did that happen?

For me it’s important to make an impact, to make a difference in other people’s lives, but also continuing to learn new skills. For a long time I have been telling other people’s stories with my photography, making people seen and acknowledged through my lens. But a few years ago I felt that it was time for me to do something different, to make difference in people’s lives within another field. To me working with Interaction Design and UX means creating great experiences for one single user, or a countless amount of users – both indeed very important. Combined with my enthusiasm and interest for Interaction Design and UX, I bring with me good knowledge in, and experience of, meeting and getting to know all kinds of people from different backgrounds.

How are you valuable to us?

I think I am very good with people, but I also have a business perspective, something I regard as being equally important. Having a long experience of working as a photographer, and running my own company and working for some of the biggest media and information companies in Sweden, I have gained good competence in creating trust and confidence when meeting people, whether it is people in front of the camera, clients/stakeholders, or people in high positions. I am also very eager to learn more about this field, that still is rather new to me. Finally, I am looking forward to collaborate with others within a company, to share success and failures.

Other interests outside of Interaction and UX Design?

I have a great interest in music and popular culture, and I am always looking for great music, films, books and so on. I used to play in a band and have been writing music for over ten years. Nowadays, whenever I get the opportunity and time, I also like to work in the forest. On a weekly basis, I swim and do yoga.